The Diverse Achievers Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a unique mission dedicated to diversity in achievement. We believe that anyone can achieve success regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural or ethnic background. Our focus is to provide the educational resources that teachers and families need to cultivate an environment all children are inspired to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. 

We believe that children’s literature books serve a critical role in the education of our children. While they can provide a wealth of information in facts and figures, they can do something even more important than providing data. Books can inspire, encourage, form, and transform a child’s vision for herself/himself.

Role models are important for all children, especially children of color who face cultural, familial, or economic disadvantages. Books that celebrate diversity in achievement bring those role models into your child’s home and classroom. At the Diverse Achievers Foundation, we are working to help teachers and families find those books that can provide the role models our children need to achieve success.